How to increase sex energy?

Boost Sex Vitality & Gain Horse Power

Herbs to boost Sex energy

Sex is the most precious gift given by nature to human beings. It is the integral part of one’s life. It creates a strong bond between husband and wife, gives pleasure and reduces anxiety, anger, depression and tension. Hence it is necessary to keep the sex power alive to enjoy sex life to the fullest.There are issues of endurance for the male partner and these herbs help in keeping your fuel burning till the end.

Instant sex power medicine to stay 15-20 minutes

Jameel Shafakhana's ayurvedic medicine for sex power of men. It improves your sexual performance for a more satisfying experience. Being 100% natural ayurvedic medicine it is also completely safe and free from side effects. Many people suffer from different problems when it comes to sex. Some may feel that they are weak with respect to sex. Viagra and other ED medications may seem like good but temporary result, but most people prefer a safer and organic solution to sex problem.

Sexual herbal supplements–

You might need herbal supplements if you have following conditions.

Best effective tips for increase sex power

Decreased sexual interest and sex power haunts everybody at one or the other point of time. So, it is very important to use techniques to keep your sexual life, pleasurable and enjoyable. Here are 12 tips for sex power increase. Hope they are useful to you.

-Don’t have it everyday Maintain a gap of one or two days. Sex, as a part and parcel of daily routine may make you feel bored and eventually might lead to decreased sexual interest. Many times sex in a day , very rarely is fine.

Always have an element of surprise in your moves, or your general behaviour, or the gifts that you choose. Surprise makes the moment exciting.

Different sex postures– You may start feeling bored by same postures. So, different intercourse postures will not only helps to have improved sexual health, but also helps you to keep fit by burning a few more calories. Sex postures that do not allow complete insertion make the act fun and exciting.

Try out some SAFE sex fantasies Sexual fantasies are the imaginary scenes that you plan and enact with your spouse.

Do not undress all of a sudden. Slow and steady… always wins the race.

Wear a condom, it delays the pinnacle giving more time to enjoy. In some men, rolling back the foreskin of the penis helps delay excitation. The tip of the penis (the end bulged part) in men is the point of excitation. making delay in its excitation helps delay ejaculation and gives ample time for foreplay.

Exercise – Sex and exercise are connected to each other.

Get rid of diseases– Maximum sexual bliss can be had only if you keep yourself healthy and hygienic. So, get proper treatment for your diseases and do not allow them to grow to chronicity. Diabetes and hypertension may be causes for decreased libido, which has to be given proper treatment.

Take care of your partner Love is such an important element to ensure mutual enjoyment. Please know the feeling of the partner. Ladies usually will be in a slightly different mood nearing to their periods. Working women will be usually encountering higher stress levels. So, please take care.

Ayurveda explains that food with sweet, salt and sour taste enhance sexual power and bitter, hot, too much spicy food articles lead to decreased sexual interest. asparagus, Ashwagandha, grapes, dates, meat, egg, chocolates, buffalo milk, buffalo curds, Aloe vera juice, Sweet pomegranate fruit are a few food items for sex power increase.